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Always on

New workplaces, Hosted workplaces, Cloud workplaces, working from home… all terms that we are currently running into, but that we actually don’t know enough about, I notice. In any case, the objective seems to be that we should always be “on”.

Unknown, unloved when it comes to many things we encounter in our workplace and then there is fear. There is a lot of fear among companies to put their trusted “iron, energy-consuming data boxes” (servers) outside the door. That fear is unfounded.

The data network in the Netherlands is so stable that you will no longer notice a difference whether your workplace is now connected to a server within your company, or whether the workplace is connected to a server that is safely located in a data center somewhere in the Netherlands.

We see the growth in online workplaces progressing steadily. No more servers in the house, no more expensive telephone exchanges, no more high annual costs for maintenance and upgrades, but a fixed amount per month per workplace. Just be able to call, email, and view files completely carefree, anywhere in the world. All this for a fixed amount per month. So no more surprises afterwards.

… So the new way of working… this can be done at home, at the office or on vacation… yes, anywhere in the world… nice and carefree… A disadvantage… you are unfortunately available 24×7 now… so the new way of working also has its drawbacks, because you is always on … unless you just turn it off. Suddenly wonderful time for each other. We even played a game at home.

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