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The Boys with Brains have existed since 2012 and were created by combining the knowledge & skills of the owners in combination with strategic acquisitions of additional installation & service partners.

In 2018, the boys merged into a new joint venture called Boys with Brains, Smart Services

Boys with Brains consists of a nice team of fun smart guys & amp; girls’ who take care of the service & installation in currently 17 European countries using our 24×7 multilingual service desk. From call to installation and realization.

In their daily work all boys missed something. That ‘something’ was the real complete service provision with both the smile of the engineer and the customer as the ultimate goal.

Think in simplicity, but result in effectiveness.

After an intake meeting with our clients, we will train our engineers for the product or service that they have to install or service. Depending on the region, country or countries where the service is to be provided, the multilingual service desk is also instructed, so that the entire service from installation to the service call is registered and monitored via our Smart Service Software in order to minimize disruption on site. to create.

  • Service-oriented
  • Creative, full of ideas;
  • Think in simplicity and real possibilities;
  • Effective in result; by shifting quickly;
  • Unique Smart Service Software;
  • 24×7 multilingual service desk;
  • Technically capable of special things;
  • Tremendous service- & salespower;
  • Do what they say, a deal is a deal;
  • Keep both feet on the ground.
  • People do business with people

Need a smart technical courier for service or installation of your products or other services?

Our smart boys and girls are active in Europe in 17 countries and are at your disposal 24x7

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