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What are the boys doing?

The ‘Boys & Girls’ Boys with Brains are active as a Technical Fulfillment Service team in a number of areas. Because we are currently active in more than 17 countries in Europe, we can immediately scale up together with our 24X7 multilingual service desk.

Overview of smart services

A number of branches of ‘sport’ in which the Boys with Brains are active with their Smart Services.

  • Courier activities, i.e. bringing goods from A to B.;
  • Technical Couriers who not only bring goods from A to B, but also perform technical installation work on site and provide services such as swap services (exchanging defective equipment for working equipment);
  • Installation and service provision. From small installations to complete installation and thus realization of products and services on location;
  • Project management, supervising projects and thus keeping control throughout the entire assignment;
  • Service desk, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line service desk multilingual including remote management.

It starts with the intake of a project that is brought to the attention of our sales department via a producer or clients.


Boys with Brains, Smart services

Always the smartest route for your project

Sales & intake

Our clients discuss the project that they want to transfer to Boys with Brains through an initial meeting with our sales consultants. These can be one-off projects aimed at installation, but of course also long-term projects where installation is also combined with (un) planned service provision. This first intake is mainly intended to see whether the wishes of the client are feasible.

Project management

As soon as a project is clear to Boys with Brains and the quotation has been approved after approval of the client, it is transferred by the Sales department to our project department, which will map out the project. From that moment on, project management is applied and a project team is appointed throughout the assignment to monitor the project.

Smart Service Software

All our actions, products and services of the client are recorded and registered in our Smart Service Software. This is transparent to our clients, end customers and our employees, so that everyone works in the same environment and therefore there is always access to the project.

24×7 multilingual service desk

Our multilingual service desk is available 24×7 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd line service provision. Not only remote troubleshooting and remote services, but also the management of the engineers and the recording of all actions is done from our service desk. Because Boys with Brains is currently active in more than 17 countries in Europe, it is also recorded with the desired language of the country in which we must provide the service.