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Boys with Brains expands in the benelux


Rosmalen, February 24, 2021, Smart Fulfilment Service specialist,

Fulfillment specialist Boys with Brains expands Fieldservices team in Benelux to 120 engineers to keep up with growth.

To be able to keep up with the growth in management and service for their clients, Boys with Brains has expanded its team for the Benelux market to 120 employees. “We see that finding suitable engineers is becoming more and more of a challenge, because the broad accumulation of knowledge and skills among the engineers is important and a lot of time for education and training is therefore required. We are increasingly used by our clients as an extension of their own organization. They don’t just want to invest more in their own employees. Where we were initially deployed to only absorb the peaks,

we now see that we play a complete service and installation role. Our 24×7 multilingual service desk is assigned the complete service role to take on all remote services & management and manage the field engineers present in the countries. Of the more than 1000 active engineers in Europe that we have available, my direct responsibility lies within the Benelux team and, due to the number of requests, we do not yet have the finish line in growth. Corona will certainly be a cause of this, of course”said Alexander van Eindhoven, Operational Director Boys with Brains.

Boys with Brains expects that the trend of outsourcing will lead them to play an even more prominent role in the market of installation and services for third parties in the coming years. Vendors are increasingly using Boys with Brains as a fulfillment specialist due to their broad knowledge and expertise. From technical courier activities with short service or installation cycles to long-term processes of complete renewal of ICT networks or replacement equipment. “Placing equipment and providing service on it will increasingly become a fixed item for which end customers of our clients pay a kind of insurance for a monthly amount at fixed costs for the guarantee of constant operation”.

About Boys with Brains
Boys with Brains, founded in 2018, has actually been active in the field of installation and service for over 20 years, but started in a new capacity in the Benelux in 2018 as an extension of the existing European organization that was already active in 15 countries. The “boys and girls” are currently active in 17 countries in Europe and their spearheads include the 24×7 multilingual service desk and the unique Smart Service Software in which all processes are recorded for the complete service provision. For more information:

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