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Rosmalen, September 1, 2021,

Fulfillment specialist Boys with Brains has expanded its team of ICT specialists who mainly serve retailers in the Benelux.

In order to continue to optimize the growth in management and service for their clients, Boys with Brains has expanded its Retail team in the Benelux market. “We see that the retail sector is currently our biggest specialism in which we are active. Whether it concerns the service on a ‘simple’ payment terminal or an extensive checkout environment. Our boys and girls show that they are there for the customers. Boys with Brains has clearly seen in the past year that the wishes of our customers are not just office hours in which service is provided, but that weekends, evenings and even nights are currently times where we also have to be ready for our clients. . This also contributed to the fact that we had to expand our workforce, especially for Belgium and the Netherlands, in order to continue to meet those needs. It remains a challenge to always find the right people, of course, and we therefore still make grateful use of our flexible layer of partners that we can deploy at peak times. They also use us the other way around for their customers, so it remains a win = win where we are proud of the drive with which our people commit themselves every day,” says Alexander van Eindhoven of Boys with Brains.

Boys with Brains sees an increasing demand for outsourcing ICT services and hiring ‘hands’. Boys with Brains expects that in the coming years they will play an even more leading role in the market for installation and service provision for third parties due to the trend of outsourcing. Vendors are increasingly using Boys with Brains as a fulfillment specialist due to the broad knowledge and expertise. From technical courier work with short service or installation cycles to long-term processes of complete renewal of ICT networks or replacement equipment. “Placing equipment and providing service on it will increasingly become a regular item for which end customers of our clients pay a kind of insurance in a monthly amount at a fixed cost to guarantee constant operation”.

About Boys with Brains

Boys with Brains, founded in 2018, has actually been active in the field of ICT installation and service for over 20 years, but started in a new capacity in the Benelux in 2018 as an extension of the existing European organization that was already active in 15 countries. . The ‘boys and girls’ are currently active in 17 countries in Europe and their spearheads include the 24×7 multilingual service desk and the unique Smart Service Software in which all processes are recorded for the complete service provision. For more information:



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