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Boys with brains VCA Certified.


‘s-Hertogenbosch, March 16, 2022,

Smart Fulfillment Service Specialist Boys with Brains successfully completed its VCA certification.

VCA officially stands for VGM Checklist Contractors, where ‘VGM’ refers to Safety, Health and Environment. The certification is not mandatory, but Boys with Brains wants to give its employees and customers the certainty that everything is carried out in the correct manner in the ICT installations they perform in Europe and the provision of service on location. Safety, working safely and health are of paramount importance to the boys. ‘We see that we can make a difference for our customers not only in the way we work, but also in the compliance with safety aspects’, says Alexander van Eindhoven, who is also active as a HSE officer within Boys with Brains.

Safety shoes, safety helmet or securing your employees when they are high on a charger or roof costs money and these are things that we as a company cannot and do not want to save on. We see that many ‘cowboys’ are entering the market due to the price pressure that has arisen on service and installation work. We naturally want to try to keep up with those competitive prices, but we don’t want to make concessions in matters such as safe and healthy work. Environmental issues are also important in this regard. For example, if we no longer repair old materials such as battery packs or batteries or other items for our customers, but have to dispose of them, this is always certified and in accordance with the correct VCA rules.

Making a difference with VCA could be a solution to better distinguish the companies that ignore these rules from the companies that do invest serious time, energy and therefore money.

Work processes and procedures
The new VCA certification process took about six months in total. “We have described all our work processes in accordance with VCA standards, adapted them where necessary and recorded them in a manual,” says Van Eindhoven. “Our manual has been fully digitized, which means that all employees can request and register information regarding VCA at any time via the internet.

Corporate Social Responsibility
“The VCA certification fits in with Boys with Brains’ overall policy for Corporate Social Responsibility,” says Van Eindhoven. “At the moment the management of Boys with Brains is busy further tightening up its CSR policy. Within the organization and our clientele there has been a strong focus for some time on the development of energy-efficient work processes and sustainable technologies and products.

About Boys with Brains
Boys with Brains, founded in 2018, has actually been active in the field of ICT installation and service for over 20 years, but started in a new capacity in the Benelux in 2018 as an extension of the existing European organization that was already active in 15 countries. . The ‘boys and girls’ are currently active in 17 countries in Europe and their spearheads include the 24×7 multilingual service desk and the unique Smart Service Software in which all processes are recorded for the complete service provision. For more information:


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