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Security of your data is commonplace and of course we ensure that….

Digital transformation
Boys with Brains supports (end) users to ensure that the company’s organisational system is consistently in line with legal requirements and that the technology resources are appropriate for the operational needs of individual offices.

  • Support of the customer in the design activity for the implementation of new IT solutions “on premise” and “on cloud”, in accordance with legal obligations regarding digitisation.
  • Implement the migration and identify the key security policies that the system as a whole must adhere to.
  • Support to the customer in the analysis of the technological aspects required for the preparation of administrative documents in the IT field.
  • Providing statistics, analysis, reports on the implementation status of the managed projects.

In addition to management, we also offer our partners the option of securing the data of their customers.


The adaptation of the current regulations, which every organization uses strategically and must continue to develop in the areas of maintenance, evolution and improvement.

The organization is in co-instantaneous change and expects technological developments and processes to change accordingly.

Boys with Brains offers these services in the following sections:

1 – Assestment and GAP analysis phase:

  • Analysis of the implementation by collecting the data of the parts and defining the activities.
  • Gap Analysis: identifying the Gaps taking into account the regulations.

2 – Maintenance of the Private Maintenance phase of the privacy management system

With this development Boys with Brains offers that the user processes and the technological development correspond with expected growth and planning.

Data protection

Currently, every organisation, both national and international, is obliged to protect its data within European regulations.

Data protection requires the right organisation.

Business measures that provide the necessary security to ensure that the data remains secure. The standard is the European regulation 2016/679 (called GDPR), which was fully integrated in May 2018 and the regulation for AgID circular in February 2017 to keep the data flows secured.

Boys with Brains has a DPO officer within the organisation.

Activities within Boys with Brains regarding Data Protection

  • ❏ Informs and advises the data controller or data processor as well as the employee (s) who are responsible for the implementation
  • ❏ Monitor compliance in this area, with other members of the joint organisation and established policies, including responsibilities, staff awareness, training and control.
  • ❏ Providing advice on the impact of data protection and monitoring it according to Article 35.
  • ❏ Cooperation (cooperation) with the authorities

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