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Explosive growth due to corona


Rosmalen, January 19, 2021, Smart Fulfillment Service specialist,

Boys with Brains sees that the early year has already provided a well-filled portfolio of orders due to the Corona troubles.

Dave Spijker, Managing Director of Boys with Brains: “We see that, especially in these bizarre economic times that Covid-19 entails, we are the right party for

companies that are facing the need for installation services growth, but are afraid of hiring their own staff.

For us, the growth is not only in the ‘hands’ on location that we have driving around over 17 countries, but also in supporting services from our service desk. Especially because we are not only 24×7 employees for our clients

are ready, but also the fact that we have a multilingual service desk with actually in-depth knowledge in the field of management of the systems and solutions of the customer brings an even greater growth than we had foreseen ourselves.

Remote services was already a spearhead for us in 2021. We see that existing service parties with their own engineers and their own service desk solutions are now coming to us to be their flexible shell. This usually starts in the evening, night and weekend hours, so that they do not have to burden their own people for those hours. We also see that during those hours we can also send our field engineers on the road for them. They therefore have a flexible shell of colleagues without the risks of having to search and deploy new colleagues in their own service. Given the amount of requests that we are currently receiving, we see that there will only be more demand for our services and that the offer for us will only increase. Guaranteeing quality and, more importantly, satisfied colleagues is what we now put a lot of energy into to prevent ourselves from getting “out of stock” with our people.

Growth in these economically weird times is great, but also difficult to estimate, because we receive questions from corners that we had not directly focused on before. Many also ask for services in the consumer electronics market from manufacturers who want to solve issues such as large recall campaigns qualitatively and do not just want to send a box in the mail, but rather want a specialized engineer on location who will come to realize the solution and also the old equipment is properly disposed of. The environmentally friendly processing of these old materials is currently a “popular, if I may call it that, common practice.

Boys with Brains also indicates that they are also seeing this growth in the international requests from mostly established companies in the Benelux, who want to see the same services for their customers and locations throughout Europe and even beyond. The boys and girls of Boys with Brains are unique in this, according to their own words, because the technicians speak the language of the country of their choice and the service desk can also be deployed multilingual in the 17 countries where they currently provide installation & service.

About Boys with Brains
Founded for the Benelux in 2018, Boys with Brains has actually been active in the field of installation and service for over 20 years, but started in a new capacity in 2018. The “boys and girls” are currently active in 17 countries in Europe and their spearheads include the 24×7 multilingual service desk and the unique Smart Service Software in which all processes are recorded for the complete service provision. For more information:

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