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Flying cars

I have the summer in my head again

The sun is shining regularly again and that is clearly noticeable. Is the temperature rising in my head too? I don’t know, but my column might make you think that way.

I’m at home and want to go to the store for a new pair of pants. I have already looked on the internet and see that the pants that I like should be in the store in my city.

Online Taxi

I quickly order a taxi online. I do this through my Apple watch. The taxi will arrive at exactly the agreed time, entirely as agreed. Nowadays there is no longer a driver, because this electrically driven taxi is already controlled by a computer. I arrive in the shopping street at exactly the right time. There, screaming billboards are calling my name and displaying the correct advertising messages, of articles where mostly my interests lie.

Order kiosk in the store

Arriving at the store, a salesperson helps customers to pay for their products. They do this by means of a tablet anywhere in the store. I ask the seller if the right size pants are still there, because the internet said they should still be in stock. The seller asks me to sit down behind the order kiosk, which is centrally located in the store, to indicate what I am looking for. I indicate my requested pants size and it can be delivered at home or delivered directly from the warehouse to the store. I choose the latter and stand in front of the full-length mirror in my new pants. Fits perfectly, despite the extra pounds of the past winter months.


I immediately scan the QR code next to the mirror and so I can use the store’s security camera as a camera. I take a nice pose in my hip new pants. I take a nice pose in my hip new pants. The logo of the retailer also appears at the bottom of my photo. I post it on Facebook and await the reactions of my “online” friends. Fortunately, mostly good ones, so I decide to buy the pants. The nice saleswoman puts it in a bag and asks me to pay at the order kiosk. I hold my Apple watch up to the column and press agree. I have now paid via the payment app.

I order the taxi without a driver again and in the meantime turn on my food in the taxi via the kitchen app. When I get home, the meal is ready and I start eating immediately. In the meantime I get a notification through the store’s app that my new pants will land in my yard at the front door via a drone in 20 minutes … Is this still too much science fiction for some or closer than we think …?

With creative regards,


One of the Boys with Brains

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