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Gas on it

Running, flying and especially accelerating is a bit typical of the periods of the past decades that I have had as an entrepreneur. Often also continue as a ‘chicken without a head’ and forget what it is all about in the beginning. It’s about life, of course. Sometimes we seem to forget that.

From a business point of view I always only hear how well everyone is doing and especially how big their assignments are and how bigger or faster their car is that they are driving. Ultimately, it is all about adding something to life together. I appreciate every entrepreneur who has been able and especially dares to convert his or her ideas into a company. That is often mainly starting with a very lucrative idea and gradually having to adjust. That also means lying awake sweaty nights, but ultimately persevering to get there. Not everyone is an entrepreneur, but you can see that there are many who think as an entrepreneur, but only do not dare or are unable to take the step into the deep end.

Personally, I think that some professions are actually done way too short. Take the employees in the hospital, for example. They will not just be able to start a hospital, but they will ensure with passion and love that the patients are well cared for. So they take the right steps in healthcare.

That means that we have to think a little more about where the balance is in life. Do not think that you are more or better than someone else, because you can give more gas through money or status, but treat everyone with respect and especially appreciate the passion in which everyone practices his or her profession. In any case, my lesson is that I take life a little more as it is and don’t always have to want it anymore. To be satisfied with what is there. Gas loose in my case or at least switch slightly differently.


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