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Lease & insurances

Also with Boys with Brains as Technical Fulfillment Service specialist, suppliers and clients have increasingly asked not to carry out the project lease (rent / hire purchase) can accommodate. In addition, the question is whether, in addition to a service contract, they also have a insurance can take out as an extra guarantee.

Regarding lease constructions we have various options in house. Leasing (paying in a longer term) can be for parts of the total project as well as for specific equipment. Our clients do not only use new equipment, but we see large projects in which refurbished (used) equipment is used for the same quality, but aimed at a second life. Circulair economy so.

Insurances can therefore also be closed on both new and used equipment. In combination with the service conditions of Boys with Brains, the equipment is always insured and more importantly, you and your employees are always insured and continuity is guaranteed.

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