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Positive weather

…Yes boy.
It is the right weather for it.
How do you mean?

Well that the beautiful weather provides happy faces and positive sense. I notice it immediately when I am in contact with customers. They see opportunities again. I notice it in all branches where we are active with our marketing and sales support. Our clients for whom we take care of things like SEO and SEA are purely positive.
Wonderful that positive atmosphere that prevails. It was also time that the glass was not half empty, but half full. Of course you still see the companies that are in dire straits or even go bankrupt, but fortunately it is precisely the companies that are now emerging that see opportunities and also opportunities to add something within their industry.

I even see it within our own company, Boys with Brains, that with the smart concepts we provide a win = win for our customers and for ourselves. That ratio is super healthy for all. We are still investing heavily in growth and are still investing in new colleagues. Of course we are looking for the “currants” that only make us better, so that we perform even better and grow faster, but that persistent urge to perfection does contribute to the success of the company. Achieving something together is the best thing to do. Of course trust is important in this, but achieving the result together that you were not able to achieve on your own is so important.

It is nice to see that the specific sector-oriented approach, which we have been working with for years, is bearing fruit. Customers are looking for specialists who know what they are talking about and therefore really add something to their issues. It is good that our new colleagues also want to work in an industry-oriented way and that we can get the best out of their specialties.

“Does the nice weather contribute to that?”.
“No, probably not directly, but indirectly positive feelings will ensure a positive commitment and that is the start of everything to be able to trade well.”
“So as long as the sun is shining, are you okay?”
“You would think so, wouldn’t it? No, it won’t be that simple, but every good feeling often leads to other good feelings and in this way you always get a step further.”
“Well, then I’m going to take it this afternoon in the sun boy. Who knows what it will bring me today”
“Well you’re right mom. Enjoy it”

With creative regards,


One of the Boys with Brains

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