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Continuity in service provision is ultimately the goal of every client. Not only should the quality of the equipment on location make a contribution to this, but also the party that provides the installation or service. Our Technical couriers & engineers, in combination with our 24×7 service desk, contribute to this continuity. Through our various service subscriptions we can take care of planned maintenance and also the necessary swap service on location in case of calamities.

Planned maintenance means that, for example, we make a scheduled visit on location for our clients on a monthly or annual basis and ensure that the equipment or services are up to date again and therefore there is continuity monitoring. Our service plans are made up of a basic fee, so we 24×7 offer the availability of our Technical couriers & engineers in combination with our 24×7 multilingual service desk. In addition, this basis can be expanded with fixed rates for installation / swap services costs (hourly wages and call-out costs). The costs of the equipment can also be included in this, although all equipment (hardware & software) is always the property of our clients.

Our clients are therefore assured of continuity and also of fixed low rates. In fact, we have our Technical Couriers & Engineers ready for them on the couch. Because we can offer tailor-made service contracts, it is always appropriate to obtain the guarantees of high service and quality for a low service amount. Boys with Brains sells continuity and security. That’s important, because that’s the only way you can do it Service with a Smile realize.

Need a smart technical courier for service or installation of your products or other services?

Our smart boys and girls are active in Europe in 17 countries and are at your disposal 24x7

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