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Smart Services Software

One of the spearheads within the services of Boys with Brains is the Smart Service Software. Providing service starts with a solid system for recording all processes and actions that are required to be able to carry out an unexpected failure or planned maintenance. Boys with Brains’ unique Smart Service Software is designed in such a way that the entire process from registration to settlement is recorded and is transparent to the customer, the technical courier / engineer and the service desk employees.

Within this software all actions that our technical couriers and engineers do and can do are registered. The service desk and the clients also have 24×7 worldwide access and inspection of the software. Within the software, all information about customer locations, equipment on location (serial numbers / type numbers) is recorded. Also matters such as how long the equipment will be on site and when service and maintenance should be performed. Photos of delivery or reinstallation are also neatly recorded within the software. Because all parties involved have access to the software, 24×7 access is possible anywhere in the world and there is therefore one central truth.

That is very important, because we still come across many service parties where the processes are mainly stuck in email boxes of colleagues and therefore there are matters such as swapservices calls can be difficult to replace and especially badly registered. the latter is very important for the continuity of the business processes and for having an overview of the stock of the equipment. knowing what is happening is especially important for those who have to pay the bills. Our Smart Service Software takes care of that important Service with a Smile.

Need a smart technical courier for service or installation of your products or other services?

Our smart boys and girls are active in Europe in 17 countries and are at your disposal 24x7

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