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Surpisingly easy

‘It’s cool that it works so easily’ I often hear from my new customers. That has prompted me to calmly explain again what we actually do within, because in the end a clear explanation is half the battle.
Our objective with was up from the start to link online searching people with a suitable quotation, to companies & suppliers, who could provide these people looking for the correct information directly. I often ran into the fact that I was looking for something, a contractor for the renovation of our house, a good price for a notary or suitable moving company, but that I had to call various companies and then just hope that they were available or at least wanted to make a quotation. Hassle, time, money and above all impatience. Calling in the back and hoping they finally wanted to send something. I thought that should be easier, but how am I going to organize it?
With our company, Boys with Brains, we have had expertise in the field of sales, marketing and internet for years, so it had to be possible to realize a suitable solution for the above issue. First come up with a name that fits the solution;
Then create a suitable website, where both online seekers and suppliers can go. We then ensure that we are also findable for online seekers and especially visible on the internet. If that has been successful, it seems so easy to ensure that we also link the searchers to the companies and suppliers that would like to provide the searchers with a quote.
In recent years we have positioned our website in such a way that we are easy to find and above all good in the picture. If you are looking for a lawyer, for example, you go online to search engines such as Google and enter ‘Offerte Advocaat’ as a keyword, for example. is standing on top.
As a searcher you can easily enter your details and wishes. This Quotation Request will then be placed in our Quotation Warehouse at the category lawyers. The
Affiliated lawyers will then be notified that a new Request for Quotation has arrived in the Quotation Shop Warehouse in the category lawyers.
The affiliated lawyers can now easily view the request and decide themselves to answer this Request for Quotation and contact the Requestor. If an application has been picked up by 5 lawyers, downloaded to their personal quotation warehouse, then the quotation applicant will receive a maximum of 5 quotations. The request for quotation also closes after 5 downloads and is marked “sold out”. The quotation applicant thus receives 10 quotations with just one request. This represents a considerable saving in time and money for the applicant, because immediate action was taken with little effort and a good idea of ​​the various prices to compare. This means that suppliers and companies have direct access to current direct seekers without real effort. Win = win as it is so beautifully called.
Online quotation seekers do not pay any money for the quotation request. Companies and suppliers only pay a few euros per current application. Companies no longer have to place expensive advertisements without knowing what result they have. Now they have for just € 9.90 !! per request the opportunity to directly bring in current searchers as a customer.
Currently, the most current industries are where we join members;
lawyers, accountancy firms, tax advisers, lawyers, notaries and moving companies, but we receive on average 7000!!!
quotation requests per month spread over more than 100 branches, so feel free to contact us to see if we can play a role in your industry and provide you with current quotation requests in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium.
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