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Swap services

In the event of a problem or malfunction with equipment or service on location, it is useful that a disruption due to a visit by our technical couriers lasts as short as possible. Replacing (exchange/swapping) of the equipment is usually the fastest way, so that the customer can continue quickly and we simply take the broken equipment with us and repair or replace it permanently at our logistics location.

The replaced parts are neatly registered in our Smart Service Software. The serial number of the ‘old’ replaced part disappears from the system and the part is centrally collected in us logistics centre. There it is determined whether the old part can still be repaired. If possible, the part is returned to the supplier or to the repair department and after repair the part is returned to the swap stock, so that it can be used again in the event of a disruption in another location.

The new part is neatly installed and also registered in the stock of software within our Smart Service Software. Good management of swap stocks is the important strength within Boys with Brains. Knowing where what is, so to speak and at registerchanges (changes) properly. That makes swappen to an important and above all qualitative spearhead of our services. This, in combination with the right knowledge and expertise, ensures that we can currently also perform this well for various suppliers and clients in more than 17 European countries.

Need a smart technical courier for service or installation of your products or other services?

Our smart boys and girls are active in Europe in 17 countries and are at your disposal 24x7

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