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Uber from the installation industry!


Rosmalen, 5 october 2020, Smart Fulfillment Service specialist, Boys with Brains has far-reaching ambitions with regard to European service provision.

General director Dave Spijker of Boys with Brains ”The fact that we are now active in 17 countries in the field of installation and maintenance services for our clients indicates that we have ambitions. Ultimately, we don’t need to have all those technical couriers and smart engineers in-house. Of course very handy for the phase we are in now, but in the end we want the Uber of the installation and maintenance market.

Affordably and quickly providing the right service on location. Not only for business, but also for the private market in the not too long term.Because we have a multilingual European service desk in-house, we can already receive all incoming calls in the desired language of the country where our clients want us to provide the services for them. to carry out. We also have central software tools, our Smart Service Software, in which we record everything and with which we also communicate with our people on the road. That communication is already running across various countries. Why not extend that communication to various installation partners and thus grow to a platform that centrally provides the right installation or maintenance technician who is simply close to the customer and can be centrally controlled by us? Ultimately, the success of Uber or other major parties is like or Takeaway just to name a number of very successful companies, also the platform with which they manage their “members”. That success will therefore also have to be achieved in the installation sector in the coming years. Affordable quality is the success factor ”.

About Boys with Brains
Founded for the Benelux in 2018, Boys with Brains has actually been active in the field of installation and service for over 20 years, but started in a new capacity in 2018. The “boys and girls” are currently active in 17 countries in Europe and their spearheads include the 24×7 multilingual service desk and the unique Smart Service Software in which all processes are recorded for the complete service provision. For more information:


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